Since 1995 PARS FARARON ENGINEERING Co. has been actively engaged in providing a full range of professional engineering and construction management services to the industry throughout IRAN.
During this period the demand for industrial growth has been matched by the company’s increasing participation in major resource engineering and industrial process projects, including the numerous smaller projects and studies that are a vital part of this overall pattern.
This proven capability and experience are the bases for the continuing ability of Pars Fararon to provide a complete range of engineering and management services to client, ensuring the successful and efficient completion of projects.
Pars Fararon has been selected as reliable consultant for preparation of feasibility studies, supervision and engineering services by Bank of Industry & Mine (BIM) and Banking & Credit Investment Consultant Center (BCICC). Pars Fararon provides the financial calculations by utilizing COMFAR III –the UNIDO developed software. Based on Pars Fararon evaluations, financing of projects will be provided by the banks / credit institutes.